The Astrology of Your Wedding Day in 2018


Aries is always the leader of the pack, but, sometimes, being first can also mean running alone. This tendency will change over the next year as you feel a greater need to run with the pack. Friends and community are high on the Aries priority list for this new year.

Your year starts with your planetary ruler, motivating Mars, in your eleventh house of friends and community. The eleventh house also rules wedding parties and receptions. There’s a point of reference for you, when it comes time to define your friends and community. Long term trends indicate that your concern with groups and belonging will last through the year 2018.

Friends and community will offer you electrifying motivation and spiritual inspiration. Your wedding will serve as the example, in microcosm, for what your life will look like over the long run. Pay close attention to everything that goes on as you plan and realize your big day. Everything you experience and learn will offer you a road map to your big life.


You’re probably already dizzy with the changes coming down for you this year. They already started in 2017. Your wedding is only one part of the big picture. Keep that in mind as you go about your preparations this year. Crossing major personal thresholds and transformation are indicated in your New Years 2000 chart. Your planetary ruler, loving Venus, hovers in your eighth house of life passages.

Venus, of course, also rules marriage and partnership. For Taurus to-be-weds, your wedding could serve as the focal point for so many of the changes you’ll be going through this year. Saturn in your sign symbolizes stripping away of excess baggage (literal and figurative) in your life. You’re already in the process of shedding the people, possessions, perspectives, and practices that no longer serve you.

This shedding process can be painful -because Saturn forces you to lose things that stand in the way of your development. And Saturn doesn’t care about whether you agree or not with whether something is an asset or an obstacle. The good news is that Jupiter will follow Saturn into your sign. As the Universe closes one door, another much better one will open for you. Trust that proposition, and watch closely as it proves true again and again for you this year.


The transformation of your relationships – and how you function within them – will continue for you this year … just as it has for the last three and a half years. Keep holding on to your old assumptions, perspectives, and practices, and the Universe will continue to heave up disruptions in your partnerships — especially the romantic one(s).

The good news is that you start your new year 2018 with loving Venus in your seventh house of marriage and partnerships. It’s quite likely that you’ve either found your true love or will find him or her this year. If you’re loving the one you’re with on New Year’s Eve – but wondering whether you’re really with the one you love — take a closer look. Gemini’s usual habits of sampling a variety of possibilities are already in the process of changing.

Disruptive, transformative Pluto is also hanging out with Venus in that seventh house of yours, and by now you’re probably all-too-familiar with Pluto’s effects – he’s been traveling through that house since August 2017. Your sampling days are over. This year, the Universe will call on you to change your orientation towards love and relationships. You don’t have to kiss variety goodbye, but you’ll do best by exploring all the possibilities within the context of one, special – and monogamous – partnership. This year, Gemini starts to settle down.


“Love-given and love-received” is your theme for the new year, and you’ll carry it forward into the new year 2018. Giving, nurturing Cancer tends to measure his or her self-worth by the love and acceptance he or she gains from others. The Crab’s strategy for gaining this love and acceptance is by giving to and providing for others.

As the year 2018 dawns, the Great Reformer, Saturn, hovers over your eleventh house of love-received, and he opposes your planetary ruler, the emotional Moon, in your house of love-given. In short, your strategy is going to have to change, whether you like it or not. Powerful eclipses bring out and reinforce this process this year.

The first eclipse period starts January 20 and runs through February 5, and it evokes the themes of love given and love received. In July, we’ll have triple eclipses -including an eclipse of the Sun in your sign. Their influence will enable you to demand and receive love and acceptance for yourself, as you are – bare naked, without having to do-for or give to others. The process may be a bit scary, but you’ll be on much stronger footing in the end -and you’ll be a much better spouse and parent as a result.


The good news is that the eclipses – and the turbulent changes they put you through – are almost done with you. The tougher news is that you’ve still got two eclipse periods to get through this year. Leo is the sign that rules ego and child-mind — the little voice in every person that says, “I am the center of the Universe.” This is not the best mental orientation for making a marriage work.

Lucky for you (even if you haven’t felt very lucky), the Universe has been doing a number on this voice and its assumptions … and you’ve felt it about every six months, for the last two years. During that time, solar and lunar eclipses in your sign forced you to question the very assumptions you bring to your relationships and your own sense of identity.

The issue has been — and continues to be – “I and thou,” the theme raised and explored in detail by the theologian and philosopher, Martin Buber. Get some of his books and read them. They will shed a brilliant light on what you’ve been going through and give mind-blowing inspiration for your wedding ceremony. This isn’t just food for thought — these ideas are the very blood that flows through the spiritual heart of your marriage. As you come to empathize and compromise with your fiancee or spouse, you’ll enjoy the miracles and contentment of a life lived soulfully.


The year 2018 graces you with a renewed sense of fun and playfulness and plenty of energy to pour into your relationship. In the Zodiacal University of life, Virgo majored in workaholism. Rare is the Virgo who does not somehow feel compelled to prove his or her worth by doing things — usually for others.

To tell a Virgo to give up service is as unfair as telling a Gemini to give up thinking. The point isn’t to sacrifice what you do so well, it’s to transform the motivating reason. Like Cancer, Virgo must learn to do things for more openly self-gratifying reasons. Just as Cancer gives things to others with the expectation of receiving love in return, Virgo tends to offer service in the hope of warding off abandonment or to gain appreciation.

In the year 2018, the rendering of service will be both the ends and the means to contentment. Members of this sign just aren’t themselves unless they can feel useful. Your relationship will benefit from your ability to keep your source of satisfaction — a job well done — separate from any need for approval from others. Unless it’s fun, and unless you get something out of it, you won’t need or want to waste your energy. And you’ll be relieved to discover that your loved ones want the same independence and satisfaction for you. You’ll find that unconditional love can be yours, and you don’t have to do anything to get it.


To get what you want in the year 2018, all you need to do is change your way of thinking. This process of shifting your expectations has already begun as you ring in New Year’s, and it will continue throughout the year.

The most important thing you can do is to reexamine your old ways of thinking. These will become more and more obvious to you, and with little effort. The year will proceed as a series of awakenings, in which you’ll become aware of how you get in your own way and keep yourself from getting what you want and need, particularly in your relationships.

Do yourself an enormous favor and take up the habit of meditation. Start by making a list of things that you want for yourself and your relationship. Revisit this list again in June. You’re likely to discover that you have a habit of aiming too low. The greatest gift the new year 2018 will bring you is your own permission to aim high — and to get what you need.


The 2018 horoscopes brings a steady buildup to your sense of self-worth, and it makes all the difference to your relationship with your honey. It may also mean a difference in honeys, period. That is, Scorpios who have gotten stuck in unhappy or unhealthy relationships will find a way out — or the way out may find you.

There is a very bright side, however, for any of the Scorpios who will be losing relationships this year. The loss will be painful, of course, but it will make way for the new and better relationship you were meant to have. Some relationships will fall away as Scorpio’s waxing self-esteem make oppressive partners impossible to tolerate. It’s hard to hate this as a reason to lose someone. Why settle for anything less than the love and support you need? Other Scorpio’s will finally get rid of partners who just can’t commit to getting married. This allows you to find someone who can and will.

This year all signs will feel the impact of an influence that closes one doors to open another. The impact will be felt most acutely in late May and early June. Even if you have to go through the experience of calling one wedding off, don’t lose heart. The quality of the relationships that follow will exceed your wildest dreams.


The period from 2016 through 2018 has been and will be a challenging time for Sagittarians. Those born in the first ten days of the sign already have a good idea of what this feels like. Disruptive, transformative Pluto began its ten-year trip through Sagittarius in 2016, and now that it’s one-third of its way through the this sign, members of this sign will experience a thoroughgoing shift in their self-image and sense of identity.

This year brings a pleasant influence. Loving Venus starts the year on inside cusp of your first house, and this enhances your attractiveness and sense of loveability. Venus’ beneficent influence can deliver your soul mate to your door and boost your self image by making you feel beautiful.

You can also gain much greater satisfaction from love and relationships by making good use of a new willingness to work on relationships. The willingness derives from an appreciation of the connection between conscious loving devotion and relationship staying power. As you become more present to your honey, your level of contentment and stability will increase accordingly.


Capricorn has been in a good groove for the past year, and this groove gets even better as you launch your new year 2018. Last year your planetary ruler, Great Reformer Saturn, began its passage through your fifth house of fun, romance, and pleasure. Fun and relaxation can come hard to hard-working Cappy, but it’s well worth it to suffer through any initial discomfort.

The trend will peak and yield up its greatest benefits mid-year, when Saturn and generous, expansive Jupiter make a once-every-twenty-years connection in your fifth house. This is a reward year for Capricorn. Your sign knows better than any other the benefits of short-term sacrifice for long term payoffs. This year invites you to begin to enjoy the rewards of all your hard work. Part of that hard follows from the understanding that love and intimacy requires effort and devotion. Your ability to be consciously present to your relationship will yield up long-lasting and renewable benefits. You’ve succeeded in building a firm foundation for your love.

If you and your honey have stuck together through hard times, you can now look forward to a new appreciation for each other. You may see each other through new eyes and could even start to date each other as if you had just fallen in love for the first time. What is really nice is that you’ll have this ability to renew your love affair throughout the duration of your relationship. Whenever times get rough, you’ll be able to invite each other to start again. Enjoy it!


Although the New Year 2018 is based on an essentially arbitrary measurement of time, the Age of Aquarius is not. Astrologers differ on the precise technique for marking the beginning of this zodiacal age — some follow the passage of the earth’s equinox points through the zodiac, others measure convergeance of Jupiter and Saturn.

The Age of Aquarius is the beginning of your era, and this notion appeals to future-and-trend-minded Aquarians. Members of your sign seek partners who can accompany you on journeys of exploration and discovery. You need someone who can share your appreciation for global consciousness and concern for community affairs. You can your honey can make history!

Many Aquarians have the need to serve humanity. Your freedom is so important to you, it’s hard to imagine how anyone can live with anything less. It will be very interesting to see how you define your marriage and family life because Aquarius is least likely to accept pre-defined models and roles; they offend your sense of individuality. The ideal Aquarius relationship involves two freedom fighters, joined in a common cause. Your relationship will set the standard for all marriages to follow in the year ahead. This is your year to fly free, empowered by the sense of history that accompanies the first weddings of the year 2018.