free 2018 horoscope – forecast with detailed information

Aries – What do you mean you aren’t up for it. Get your engine revved up and prepare to make this a year to remember. This is the year to get rid of all that holds you back and to lighten your load so that you can put everything you’ve got into what counts. You will have the discipline to push forward and stick to the real deal and that means you can and will be successful so don’t even think in any other terms from this point forward. You must be merciless this year and force issues that others are avoiding. Be strong, take a stance and don’t even think about settling for less than what you want.

Best months of the year – February, April, July, October and December
What you should strive for – rebirth – it’s time to start anew
Fashion – make a statement and let everyone know you’ve arrived
Your lucky numbers 1,12,22,27,41,46
East Dragon

Taurus- Don’t be reluctant, scared or wimpy this year 2018. Take a leap of faith and you will find yourself moving to the rhythm of this fast paced year 2018. Have confidence in yourself and know in your heart that all the years you’ve spent learning can now be put to good use. You will have more opportunities than you know what to do with but don’t shy away thinking that you can’t handle it or do well in several different areas. This year 2018 my friend it’s time to multitask and show everyone that you know just what you’re capable of pulling off. There will be no time to indulge in nonproductive endeavors – if there is no gain you must refrain.

Best months of the year 2018 – January, March, May and August
What you should strive for – witty reserve, element of surprise
Fashion – classic conservative look will fool the competition
Your lucky numbers 6,15,21,30,33,45
East Snake

Gemini- This can turn out to be a rather auspicious year with lots of opportunities to turn innovative ideas into instant gains. The never-ending quest to know all will be satisfied with answers coming at you fast and furiously. The difficulties will stem from being careless causing accidents and minor mishaps along the way. For the most part the year ahead will be exciting, fast moving and quite likely to promote sudden changes that will lead to a whole new lifestyle, outlook and future. This is a year that will present challenges that will make you think as well as give you a new perspective on what’s important and what’s not. Acceptance will be the key to taking what you have to work with and turning it into something worth your while.

Best months of the year – April, May, July, October, November and December
What you should strive for – magnetism and perfection
Fashion – trendy but not outrageous – lots of accessories
Your lucky numbers 11,18,20,25,36,41
East Horse

Cancer – Lighten up you Crabby creature – you may have Saturn transiting through your sign but get on with it. The year of the Monkey can be awesome if you just loosen up and let everyone see how absolutely fabulous and competent you are. This can be a year of achievement, promotion and most of all recognition for your obvious hard work and talent. Don’t play the martyr giving up your chance to be great in order to allow someone else to bask in what should be your limelight. This is not the year to let anyone rain on your parade. Think of yourself and put yourself first just this once and you will come up smelling like a rose and very much in demand. Set the record straight and show everyone whose boss.

Best months of the year – February, March, August, September and December
What you should strive for – being first, best and in demand
Fashion – put on the power suit and stand with your head up high
Your lucky numbers 3,4,16,22,28,43
East Sheep

Leo – This can very well be a year of continuous progress, certainly one of new beginnings and a perfect time to branch out on your own. Your confidence is back and you can easily put the past behind you. You will be able to keep a straight face and a close eye without anyone knowing that you are secretly spying in order to stay ahead of the competition. The mountain you are climbing may be high but you also won’t feel the need to reach the top in an instant. Instead you will savor every moment of glory that you can along the way. The year ahead will be a joyride to the top my friend.

Best months of the year – January, April, June, July and October
What you should strive for – leadership, control and definitely power
Fashion – upscale regardless of the occasion – classy and regal
Your lucky numbers 2,7,28,31,37,39
East Monkey

Virgo – Like it or not this is a year of change. You will have to cast your fate to the wind and let the chips fall where they may. You will have little control over what is to be, so learn to take it as it comes and do whatever you can with what you’ve got. If you think too big, take on too much or indulge you can expect to pay the price. You must take what you already have and work diligently to hang on to it rather than take a risk and lose all. Research will be your saving grace, should you rely on hearsay you can expect to be let down. What you see and what you get will not be the same unless you are very particular with every move you make.

Best months of the year – February, March, May, August and September
What you should strive for – to hang on to what you’ve got
Fashion – a simple look that isn’t faddy or yesterday’s look
Your lucky numbers 1,5,8,19,27,40
East Rooster

Libra – There will be lots going on this year but probably not what you expect. You’ll need to realign yourself to work with what comes your way and put what you want to do on the back burner for the time being. The ability to accept and utilize will be the key to your success. The more you do to recycle what you’ve already got the better. An element of surprise surrounds this year and if you are in tune and quick to swivel whenever necessary you will reap the rewards as the year comes to a close. So much will depend on your ability to make a decision and follow it through with action.

Best months of the year 2018 (accordind to – February, April, July and November
What you should strive for – definition in all that you do
Fashion – clean cut, straight lines – definitely a little understated
Your lucky numbers 6,29,31,32,45,48
East Dog

Scorpio – Definitely a year of ingenuity. Imagination, innovation and the ability to create something out of nothing will be your saving grace. Although you are still a little confused your ability to join forces in order to bypass a difficult time will pay off. Even though you are usually one to go it alone this will be a year that you will find it much easier to share with those who have a common goal. The people around you will be more like yourself and you will feel comfortable just knowing that you have a support system to lean on. This will give you the strength and courage needed to follow your dreams. Focus on what you want, not what you need.

Best months of the year – January, June, August, September and December
What you should strive for – staying true to yourself and your dreams
Fashion – a little tousled, sexy and rough around the edges
Your lucky numbers 2,10,18,21,38,40
East Boar

Sagittarius – Don’t be fooled by smokescreens. You will have to do some fancy footwork in order to stay ahead of the game and not lose your shirt doing so. Everything will take more time, money and expertise so prepare to walk the pavement in order to get the help you need. If you are humble, nimble and can present what you are trying to accomplish in a practical manner you will get results but if you take your usual approach and fly by the seat of your pants you aren’t as likely to end up with the prize you expect. This year you had better be well prepared before you step into the wring because nothing will come easy and it certainly won’t be free.

Best months of the year – February, July, October and November
What you should strive for – double your usual exuberance
Fashion – colorful, cocky and a little bit crazy
Your lucky numbers 5,13,22,35,38,44
East Rat

Capricorn –
This can be a great year so get ready to rock-n-roll. Your astute point of view will help you make the right choices. You will have added discipline and the wherewithal to set your goals high and stick to your game plan. You will reach your destiny because nothing short of success will suffice. You will say what you mean and do what you say and by taking this approach you will also gain the respect of those who don’t usually agree with you. This is a year to push hard and show everyone how truly amazing you are. Don’t be fooled by those telling you that what you are trying to do is impossible. This year my friend you’ll show them how to make things happen.

Best months of the year – February, March, August and September
What you should strive for – to be number one in all aspects of life
Fashion – classic, comfortable and extremely well matched
Your lucky numbers 2,9,13,26,33,39
East Ox

Aquarius –
This may be a year of compromise if you have been pushing your will on everyone around you. Take a step back and realize that to get ahead you need help and to get help you need to get along. If you pay your dues during the first eight months of the year the rewards will be much greater than even you can imagine. Buckle down now and focus on what is required of you in order to make headway. If you are serious about your future and project an image in your mind of where you want to be and who you want to be you can and will reach your aspirations. I’m not saying this will be easy but it is definitely doable and if you are serious about raising your profile and lifestyle this is the year to work hard and make it so.

Best months of the year – April, June, July and November
What you should strive for – to give your life a face-lift
Fashion – get with it – set new trends and make a statement
Your lucky numbers 2,6,18,31,33,42
East Tiger

Pisces – You’ve been waiting a long time for a year like this so don’t blow it taking things too seriously or getting all caught up in the melodrama going on around you. Not this year my Fishy friend – it’s time to pull out all the stops and let your creative imagination lead the way. Develop all the ideas that you have had locked up in the back of your mind for so long. It’s time to dive in headfirst and take everyone by surprise. Let’s face it, everyone knows you are mentally unique and artsy but now it’s time to take your creations and turn them into a viable and prosperous commodity. That’s right I’m telling you that you can and will make money doing what you do best if you put your mind to it this year.

Best months of the year- January, February, March, May and August
What you should strive for – developing your own creations
Fashion – edgy, with it and a tad provocative will set you apart
Your lucky numbers 4,10,13,18,26,35
East Rabbit